Job: FLT Driver

Title FLT Driver
Categories Temp
Salary £11.70 – £12.25
Start Date 2024-04-22
Location Birkenhead
Job Information

Our client is looking for an experienced FLT Driver to complete general warehouse duties. Which will include:

  1. Ensure the safe, efficient and accurate storage of all components and their movements to allow production schedules and targets to be met or improved upon.
  2. Ensure the safe unloading of all components, their subsequent storage into their designated locations and completion of all paperwork as required.
  3. Ensure the safe, efficient and accurate loading of all finished goods onto vehicles for dispatch and completion of all paperwork as required.
  4. Ensure all Stock Taking activities are conducted in an accurate and methodical manner.
  5. Guarantee the accurate delivery of all necessary components onto the assembly lines to preempt any potential complications.
  6. Ensure stock counted once items have been cleared from the production lines.
  7. Ensure every return sheet is filled out once each job finishes and passed to the Warehouse Manager.
  8. Ensure every finished good pallet has a finished goods note and overpack label on each pallet unless mentioned by the customer.

You must have a valid Counter Balance, Reach and VNA licenses.

Hours of work are Monday – Thursday 8.00am – 5.00pm    Friday 8.00am – 12.30pm

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